Your Comprehensive Guide

Your Medicare Options

When you first sign up for Medicare, or during certain enrollment periods, you have the choice between two primary ways of receiving your Medicare coverage:

Original Medicare

What It Includes

  • Part A: Hospital Insurance
  • Part B: Medical Insurance

Additional Coverage

  • Part D: If you want Medicare drug coverage, you'll need to join a separate plan.
  • Supplemental Coverage: To help with out-of-pocket costs like the 20% co-insurance, you may need to purchase supplemental insurance such as Medigap. Alternatively, you can utilize coverage from a former employer, union, or Medicaid.


  • You have the freedom to use any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare, nationwide.

Medicare Advantage (Part C)

What It Includes

  • A combination of Parts A and B
  • Usually includes Part D for drug coverage

Network Restrictions

  • Generally, you must use doctors who are in the plan's network.

Financial Benefits

  • May offer lower out-of-pocket costs compared to Original Medicare.

Extra Benefits

  • Many plans offer additional benefits not covered by Original Medicare, such as vision, hearing, and dental services.

Medicare and Medicare Advantage


Criteria Original Medicare Medicare Advantage (Part C)
Includes Part A, Part B Part A, Part B, Usually Part D
Flexibility Nationwide doctor/hospital choice Network restrictions
Additional Coverage Part D and Supplemental Most plans include extra benefits
Out-of-Pocket Costs May require supplemental coverage Usually lower

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